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[VTS] VKC-3 Coffee&Kitchen Scale Series
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VisionTechShop VKC-3 Coffee Scale with Timer, Hand Drip Coffee Scale, Stainless Steel Plate Kitchen Food Scale, LCD Display with Backlight, 3000lb/99.05oz Capacity, Batteries, USB Cable-C Included
Product Questions

Product Questions

#1 How to use VisionTechShop Coffee scale

Please watch the video. 

1. Touch the “ON/RATIO” key placed on the left side to turn it on as a coffee scale. 
2. The default coffee and water ratio is 1:16. If you want to change this ratio, touch the “ON/RATIO” key. 
    It will be changed 
from 1:16 è 1:18 è 1:20 every time it is touched 
3. Place the pot and filter on the scale. Press the “TARE” key.  
4. Add coffee in the filter and press the “Water” key. 
    You can see 
the amount of coffee beans placed(23.4gram), the ratio between the coffee and water(1:16),
    and amount of water you need to add (374.5ml). 
5. Add the required amount of water. The timer will start. Every 30 seconds, you will hear a beep sound.
    If water is close to the target water
 amount, you will hear 3 beeps. When water hits the target amount, you will hear long beep         sound. Once you hear this, stop pouring water. To stop the long beep sound, press the “Water” key. 
6. If you want to make new coffee, press and hold the “ON/RATIO” key. Everything will reset. 
7. This scale also allows you to have your own desired ratio. To do this, first turn off the scale.
    Press and hold the left side “ON/RATIO” key. You will see “1:20” 
with “20” blinking. 
    With the UP arrow  ) key or the DOWN arrow  ) key, set your own coffee ratio.
    Press the “ON/RATIO” key to confirm. Touch the “ON/RATIO” key to turn on the scale.
    Press the “ON/RATIO” key and select your own ratio.

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