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HK-7200, 160 Flat keys, Electronic Cash Register

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[HK] HK-7200 Series
HK-7200, 160 Flat keys, Electronic Cash Register
YOU PAY: $650.00

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Designed for the food service industry the HK-7200 is a workhorse of a cash register. You will love the large keyboard for adding all of your menu items for one-touch selling. The cash drawer is a great commercial grade model with a removable till that features five bill slots as well as five coin sections. There are many available options for this register to increase efficiency in your business like a kitchen printer, kitchen video and credit card interface. There is nothing as rugged and durable on the market today.

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Product Questions

Product Questions

How to fix “WARNING E. J FULL”

Please watch the video about HK-7200.

How to reset the E.J

   1. First turn on the HK-7200

   2. Turn the key to the [Z] mode.

   3. Press “2” to (RESET E.J) and then press the [CASH] key.

   4. If you see the “ARE YOU SURE?” message, you can  press the [CASH] key.

   5. Now your E.J is reset.

   6. Turn your key back to register mode

How to lose the function of E.J

   1. Turn the key to [P] made.

   2. Press “4” for (OPTIONS) and then press the [CASH] key.

   3. Press “10”(E.J] and then press the [CASH] key.

   4. You can see a [Y] next to the “E.JOURNAL ENABLE” and then press the [CASH] key.

   5. Press [No] to change the [Y] to a [N]

   6. Then press the [CLEAR] key 3 times

   7. Then turn the key back into register mode

For the 60 key the yes or no button is the F/S tend and Check button so the F/S is the up arrow

or the yes button and the Check is the down arrow or the no button

This is the same for the 90 key as well.

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#1 Connecting the TVD-D Series Scale to the HK 7200 Series ECR

Please watch the video. 

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