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TVP Price Computing Scale, Bench Type

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[VisionTechShop] TVP Price Computing Scale Series
TVP Price Computing Scale, Bench Type
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The VisionTechShop TVP Series provides 10 indirect PLU's and RS-232 Connectivity for ECR, Computer and Label Printer. The TVP Series is great for Candy/Coffee/Deli/Seafood/Bakeries/Farmer's Market. NTEP approved(#19-038) Legal for Trade!, Power: 12V/500mA Adapter

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YOU PAY: $185.00

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Product Questions

Product Questions

#1 DLP-50 Label Printer Quick Start Guide

Please watch the video.

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#2 Creating PLU Profiles

Please watch the video.

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#3 Connecting to an ECR

Please watch the video.

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#4 Connecting the TVP Series Scale to the HK-7200 Series ECR

Please watch the video.

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#5 How to use(Unpack) TVP & DLP 50 Printer

Please watch the video.

You will get a package from us. 
When you open the box, there are one TVP scale, one DLP-50 printer and one box of LST8060(12rolls). 
Open the TVP scale box.
Connect the ADAPTOR(12V/500mA) under the TVP scale. 
And then plug the adapter to the wall. You will see a red light in the front of scale. 
Turn on the scale. The switch is located in the right front side of the bottom of the scale. 

Let's open the DLP-50 printer box.

Connect the ADAPTOR(12V/2.5A) to the DLP50 printer. 
Connect the interface cable between DLP-50 printer and TVP scale. 
Plug the power adapter to the printer. Turn on the printer. You will see a green light. 
For testing, press "LF" key on the front of printer. If the label comes out, the printer is working properly. 
Put an item on the scale first. And press 123 for the unit price($1.23). 
Press the "M+" key. You will see a label with sales information from the printer. 

Let's do it again. 

Take out the item from the scale. 
Press 145 for the unit price($1.45). And put an item on the scale. 
Press the "M+" key. You will get a label from the printer. 

Please remember. If the total price is 0.00, you can't get any label from the printer, even if you press the "M+" key.
If you want to print a label, the total price must be over 0.00.

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#6 Set up DLP-50 Printer with TVP scale

Please watch the video.

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#7 TVP Calibration

Please watch the video.

1. First, flip the scale and you will find bolt on the bottom back side. Remove the bolt. 
2. Press and hold the [TARE] key at the same time and turn on the scale. The ON/OFF switch is the bottom right side of scale. 
3. You will see Pn on the display. Press “0” 4 times.  
4. Press the [TARE] key twice. Then you will see “F0” , “CAL” on the display. 
5. Press the CAL switch on the bottom of the scale and press the [TARE] key. Then you will see the “UNLOAD” on the display. 
6. Press the [TARE] key. You will see “CAP” , “LOAD” and Full capacity(12.000) on the display. 
7. Load the full capacity (12lb) of weight on the scale. Then press the [TARE] key. 
8. Remove the weight and press the RED [ZERO] key. 

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#8 Please take out the protection screw before using scale

Please watch the video.

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