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Food Equipments

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  1. Hand Wrapper
    [VTS] CW-500E

    Hand Wrapper

    YOU PAY: $199.00
    The CW-500E series is manual-type wrapper that is fast and safe and it can be used by everyone. This machine can wrap all kinds of food products, preserve the freshness and keep them for a long time, prevent them from smelling, insects, dirt and damage Learn More
  2. Slicer
    [VTS] DS-300E


    YOU PAY: $895.00
    Blade Diameter 11.8in/300mm, Bakery/BBQ/Catering/Food Machine Kitchen/Equipment Hotel and Baking Machine Equipment for Fronzen Meat Learn More
  3. Juicer
    [VTS] WF-B2000


    YOU PAY: $895.00
    Portable stainless steel juice extractor Commercial juicer Learn More

Grid List

3 Item(s)